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Safeguarding OT from Cyber Threats

Manufacturing is a very competitive market to be in. It has undergone several evolutions in recent years, each with the aim of optimizing production processes and increasing agility to meet customer demands, while also reducing production costs.

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Going Digital

Smarter, Connected Networks Add Complexity, but Plant Floor Can’t be an Island Anymore A smart,...

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Securing Digital Transformation

An Internet-enabled industrial CCTV system went live online not too long ago and in three short minutes the camera started to get malicious traffic requests. Think about it: One system placed on the massive Internet and it started getting attacks in three minutes.

Mindset Changing on Safety and Profitability

Safety systems continue working silently in the background, chugging along keeping a constant vigil over manufacturing operations to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Safety, Connectivity and IIoT

Increased connectivity across any manufacturing enterprise, from the oil and gas industry all the way to making buttons for a clothing line, has the potential to hike business intelligence, productivity and profitability.

Security: People as a Strength

It wasn’t that long ago when a German steel mill fell victim to a cyber attack that resulted in parts of the plant failing and a blast furnace workers could not shut down through normal methods.

How to Start a Security Program

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick; there is no way to stop a second hand, which shifts to minutes and then hours and then days. Like waves crashing on the shore, time keeps moving no matter what.

Safety and Profitability

Safety technology and the professionals behind it provide a solid assurance the process and facility remain safe and sound on a daily basis, there is no doubt. While that is a vital element of process automation, there can be so much more.

Making Time for Security

Not too long ago, a young Polish boy found a hole in the network of a European tram system. He was able to get into the system, navigate his way around and then, using a television remote, he was able to switch tracks using the infrared device on the remote.

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Forget Hyperbole: Stay True to Security Message

By Gregory Hale One of the good things that occurred after last week’s news from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) involving Russian attackers being able to penetrate the networks of hundreds of U.S. utilities is the...



Armor Fab Fined for Safety Issues

Point Blank Enterprises Inc., operating as The Protective Group in Miami Lakes, Florida, is facing $92,820 in fines for exposing employees to amputation and other safety hazards, said officials at the Occupational Safety and...


LILIN Launches Access Control System

LILIN Americas released an advanced, easy-to-install Access Control System for monitoring entry to a building, resulting in a safer environment for personnel and assets. When integrated with other platforms such as IP cameras,...


Hazards of Robots Working with Humans

There is no doubt the increased use of robots that work alongside humans brings new occupational safety hazards, but the problem is there’s not much data available on how to mitigate risks. A little bit of clarity may shine...


Electronic Seals to Secure Containers

Every single day, thousands of containers travel the globe and security professionals need to ensure the cargo that originally was shipped in them is what remains in them when they reach their destination. Harmful or illegal...


Controller Certified to IEC 62443-4-2

Companies can defend their connected operations against security threats and have confidence their control systems are designed with security in mind. That is because the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controller from Rockwell...


Hazards of Robots Working with Humans

There is no doubt the increased use of robots that work alongside humans brings new occupational safety hazards, but the problem is there’s not much data available on how to mitigate risks. A little bit of clarity may shine...


TÜV Rheinland Expands Testing Scope

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) expanded its scope of recognition for TÜV Rheinland of North America, Inc. as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Effective June 5, the expanded scope of...


APT Slightly Alters Attack

An advanced persistent threat (APT) known as Cloud Atlas and as Inception has enhanced its attack repertoire with new tools that allow it to avoid detection through standard Indicators of Compromise (IoC). This updated infection...

Industry Voices

  • By Stefan Liversidge

    By Stefan Liversidge Cyberattacks have been making the headlines daily, and the heat is on for critical infrastructure and other industrial organizations to do something about it. Building cyber resiliency at any speed puts a lot of pressure on an orga …

  • By Britta Voss

    When you email a friend, you don’t have to worry about whether they use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or some other email provider. You just enter their email address, write your message and hit send. The reason this works is because there are layers of standardized protocols all email clients have adopted so messages can seamlessly fly between users regardless of which client they choose.

  • By Lynn Wood

    It’s no surprise that due to the nature of their industry, manufacturing facility leaders have invested a significant amount in the equipment necessary to accomplish streamlined operations and achieve their goals.

  • By Heather MacKenzie

    How does your company’s perception of ICS risk compare to that of other organizations? How are other asset owners defining the boundaries between OT systems and external systems? How do your ICS security roadblocks compare to others? Where does your company rank in terms of managing OT/IT convergence?

Industry White Papers

A Year in Vulnerabilities

In 2017, Dragos tracked 163 vulnerability advisories with an industrial control system (ICS) impact. Of these, the majority were vulnerabilities in insecure- by-design products which are typically deep within an ICS network....

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