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Safeguarding OT from Cyber Threats

Manufacturing is a very competitive market to be in. It has undergone several evolutions in recent years, each with the aim of optimizing production processes and increasing agility to meet customer demands, while also reducing production costs.

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Securing Digital Transformation

An Internet-enabled industrial CCTV system went live online not too long ago and in three short minutes the camera started to get malicious traffic requests. Think about it: One system placed on the massive Internet and it started getting attacks in three minutes.

Mindset Changing on Safety and Profitability

Safety systems continue working silently in the background, chugging along keeping a constant vigil over manufacturing operations to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Safety, Connectivity and IIoT

Increased connectivity across any manufacturing enterprise, from the oil and gas industry all the way to making buttons for a clothing line, has the potential to hike business intelligence, productivity and profitability.

Security: People as a Strength

It wasn’t that long ago when a German steel mill fell victim to a cyber attack that resulted in parts of the plant failing and a blast furnace workers could not shut down through normal methods.

How to Start a Security Program

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick; there is no way to stop a second hand, which shifts to minutes and then hours and then days. Like waves crashing on the shore, time keeps moving no matter what.

Safety and Profitability

Safety technology and the professionals behind it provide a solid assurance the process and facility remain safe and sound on a daily basis, there is no doubt. While that is a vital element of process automation, there can be so much more.

Making Time for Security

Not too long ago, a young Polish boy found a hole in the network of a European tram system. He was able to get into the system, navigate his way around and then, using a television remote, he was able to switch tracks using the infrared device on the remote.

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Forget Hyperbole: Stay True to Security Message

By Gregory Hale One of the good things that occurred after last week’s news from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) involving Russian attackers being able to penetrate the networks of hundreds of U.S. utilities is the...



Aerostructure Firm Guilty for Blast, Injuries

An aerostructure company in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, has been fined $135,000 for a 2018 incident that left two workers injured when a product they were disassembling exploded. Operated by Noranco, PCC Aerostructures ended up...


D-BOX Field-Mount Enclosure

The D-BOX Field-Mount Enclosure from Moore Industries provides a level of protection in areas where explosion-proof certifications are not required. This NEMA 4X, IP66 enclosure accommodates temperature, pressure, level, and...


Critical Infrastructure Faces ‘Existential Threat’

Cyber threats to critical infrastructure pose an “existential threat” to national security and President Trump should take “bold action” in response, according to a draft report from the National Infrastructure Advisory Council...


Encryption Key Cracking Record Set

An international team of computer scientists set a record for two of the most important computational problems that are the basis for nearly all of the public-key cryptography that is currently used in the real world. Public-key...


Rockwell Gains Security Services Certification

Rockwell Automation received ISA/IEC 62443-2-4 certification, which defines security requirements for service providers. The certification shows the security capabilities Rockwell uses when quoting, designing, integrating and...


GA Cybersecurity Degree Program Starting

Columbus State University’s TSYS Cybersecurity Center in Columbus, GA, is starting a cybersecurity degree program and is hosting a series of informational sessions on the new Nexus Cybersecurity degree. Prospective students...


TÜV Rheinland Expands Testing Scope

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) expanded its scope of recognition for TÜV Rheinland of North America, Inc. as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Effective June 5, the expanded scope of...


Ransomware Report II: Municipalities Targeted

This year has seen a significant spike of ransomware attacks on municipalities, researchers said. This comes after Kaspersky researchers observed at least 174 municipal institutions with more than 3,000 subset organizations have...

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Industry White Papers

A Year in Vulnerabilities

In 2017, Dragos tracked 163 vulnerability advisories with an industrial control system (ICS) impact. Of these, the majority were vulnerabilities in insecure- by-design products which are typically deep within an ICS network....

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