An explosion and flash fire at a Legacy Resources Natural Gas Compressor Station in Riverton, WY, Christmas Day left one person injured.

“There was an obvious explosion as the 30′x30′ compressor station’s windows and a large overhead door were all blown out, there was extensive damage inside the building but structurally, the building is still standing,” said Fremont County Fire Protection District Trainer Dan Oakley.

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Oakley also said someone “presumably the man burned in the fire,” had attempted to use a dry chemical fire extinguisher to put out the fire. “There was evidence that a fire extinguisher had been used inside the building.”

Oakley said the fire persisted from a pressurized natural gas line, and after the gas had been turned off by workers, county fire personnel went in to “cool off the regular combustibles” inside the structure.

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The fire occurred in Legacy’s North Alkali field, which sits about three to four miles east of the Sand Draw Road “at the corrals,” Oakley said.

Devon Energy Riverton Manager Bill Skelton said several personnel from Devon’s Sand Draw location rushed to the scene to assist Legacy personnel after the explosion.

Oakley said the burned man went to Riverton Memorial Hospital. His identity and condition were not immediately available.

Cause of the explosion remains under investigation.

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