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Thorpe Specialty Services Corp., operating as Thorpe Plant Services Inc., and Steel Dust Recycling LLC are facing fines for fall and confined space hazards after an employee was hospitalized following a 30-foot fall at Steel Dust’s Millport, Alabama, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Thorpe Plant Services faces $175,528 in proposed penalties; Steel Dust’s faces $28,270 in fines.

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OSHA cited Thorpe the maximum allowable penalty for exposing employees to fall hazards.

Investigators also cited the company for failing to conduct atmospheric monitoring before allowing employees to enter a confined space; failing to develop a permit prior to employees entering a confined space; and to ensure emergency services were provided when employees entered a permit-required confined space.

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OSHA also cited Steel Dust for exposing employees to fall hazards, failing to implement their permit space entry program, and not advising Thorpe the required work involved a permit space entry.

“Both companies’ failure to comply with fall prevention requirements led to a serious injury that could have been prevented,” said OSHA Birmingham Area Office Director Ramona Morris.

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