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Two employees suffered burns after a building housing snake repellent exploded at a Bonham, TX, fertilizer plant Thursday, officials said.

“It is pretty good that they were able to get away without having some serious injuries, so hopefully their hands will be able to heal up real quick,” Alex Green said.

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It was a scary scene for employees at Voluntary Purchasing Group in Bonham Thursday morning when a small explosion shook one of the plant’s buildings.

Plant managers said they believe it happened when employees were cleaning a bucket elevator to move a product.

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“What they were cleaning out from was a product. It’s a snake repellent, it has some sulfur in it,” Chief Operations Officer James Martin said.

While it’s unclear what caused the explosion, officials said sulfur could be involved. But they don’t have any flammables inside the building where the explosion happened.

This is the second explosion reported at this plant in the past 30 days. Managers said no one was hurt in the blast that happened in August.

“It doesn’t look like it was as bad as it was in there, but I’m definitely glad it’s not as bad as it could have been,” Green said.

Plant officials said employees are of the up-most concern and are still looking into the cause of the explosion.

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