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An explosion at a SouthCross Energy gas plant Monday injured two workers, shut down roads and forced an evacuation in Frio County, TX, southwest of San Antonio.

Two employees suffered injuries in the blast. One worker was unloading a tanker when he ended up caught in the blaze, said Frio County Sheriff Sergeant Jerry Reyna. Deputies believe oil was in his rig and quickly caught fire. Rescue personnel airlifted the worker to a hospital in San Antonio.

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“The truck was burned. It’s totaled. It’s unknown what condition he is in at this time,” Reyna said.

Deputies added a woman suffered an injury from the fire and went to a hospital, but she is in good condition.

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FM 1538 and Highway 85 remained closed for several hours after the reported explosion happened occurred at 3:30 p.m.

Deputies said upon arriving at the scene they immediately set up a perimeter to secure the area around the plant and contacted nearby homeowners to evacuate their residences, said Frio County Sheriff’s Office deputy Aaron Ramirez.

“You don’t know what’s in the air that’s dangerous. We didn’t know what else could be on fire,” Ramirez said.

Reyna said a team was able to eventually shut off a valve to stop the fire from burning.

Reyna said it’s still unclear how the explosion started but SouthCross Energy plans to continue its investigation.

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