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A HazMat team got the call to a Northampton County, PA, business, when two people suffered injuries from a hazardous material Tuesday.

The incident occurred at the Ultra-Poly Corporation, a plastic recycling facility. Officials said there was some mica dust in the bottom a polypropylene box that spread out in a plume.

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Two workers breathed in the material and had to be taken to the hospital. Crews evacuated all of the employees from the building. They also checked the workers to see if the material was on them and if they needed to go through the decontamination process. In all, 12 employees needed complete decontamination and 21 needed it on their hands and feet.

The HazMat team cleaned up the building. Lehigh Valley Hospital officials said they were also on scene to support HazMat operations with decontamination units as well as a decontamination room inside of the building.

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Ultra-Poly Corp president, David LaFiura, said, “we want to stress that these materials are all considered non-hazardous. Occasionally unexpected events take place which is why we have a trained first responder program.”

The two people transported to the hospital ended up released after an evaluation, the company said.

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