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Exterran Energy Solutions LP and South Texas Specialty Welders LLC are facing $111,000 and $9,800 in fines respectively for safety violations at an Alleyton, TX, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA investigators issued citations for two repeat, 23 serious and four other violations with a $111,000 penalty to Exterran Energy Solutions LP, and four serious violations with a $9,800 penalty to its labor broker, South Texas Specialty Welders LLC.

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OSHA initiated the inspection Jan. 13, after receiving a complaint of unsafe working conditions. The agency issued repeat citations after the employer failed to ensure proper disposal of materials contaminated with residues from the paint booth and for not ensuring proper labeling of containers with hazardous chemicals.

OSHA cited the company for the same or similar violation in November 2014, at the same Alleyton worksite.

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Among the 23 serious violations, OSHA cited Exterran for failing to:
• Prevent fall hazards on scaffolding, open-sided floor edges and steel tanks
• Provide clear instructions for locking out energy sources prior to working on industrial machines
• Prevent material handling hazards created by forklifts, cranes
• Inspect and test lifting devices
• Properly guard the points of operation and rotating parts on industrial grinders and metal presses

The agency also cited South Texas Specialty Welders, the staffing company, for failing to ensure:
• The installation of protective railings on loading docks more than 4-feet high
• Employees received fire extinguisher training when authorized to fight fire
• A means for quick removal for welders in confined spaces in case of an emergency
• Employees received effective hazard communication training where hazardous chemicals are used

“Exterran knows that safety hazards must be identified and corrected. Unfortunately, the company was complacent, and safety and health practices were not a priority at this location,” said R. Casey Perkins, OSHA’s area director in Austin. “Fortunately we were able to record these violations and put these employers on notice before any serious injury happened.”

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