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Two workers were injured and airlifted from EnQuest’s Heather Alpha platform following a fire Oct 14.

The fire ended up quickly extinguished and the platform, about 145 kilometers northeast of Shetland, UK, remained safe, an Enquest spokesman said. He declined to confirm the cause of the fire.

Both injured workers were treated and released from hospital after an assessment. The platform was already shut in for pre-planned maintenance reasons and remains offline.

“EnQuest is liaising with all relevant authorities as part of its response to the incident, and a detailed investigation into the cause is being undertaken,” the spokesman said.

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A total of 128 personnel were on board when the incident occurred.

Heather Alpha has been in production since 1978.

The platform takes in hydrocarbons from the Heather and Broom fields via subsea tieback.

The processed oil is exported to the Sullom Voe Terminal via the Ninian Central platform, while the gas is routed through compression trains for lift gas purpose.

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