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Sensor Standards Keeping Protectors Secure

By testing radiation detection equipment and helping establish national and international standards, there is now a group of people protecting the people who keep the nation safe. The Graduated Rad/Nuc Detector Evaluation and Reporting program fulfills a Congressional mandate to set capability standards and establish a test and evaluation program for radiation and nuclear detectors, […]

Hard to Purge Flash Drives of Delicate Info

Computer files stored on solid state drives are sometimes impossible to delete using traditional disk-erasure techniques. Even when the next-generation storage devices show deleted files, as much as 75 percent of the data contained in them may still reside on the flash-based drives, according to research presented at the Usenix FAST 11 conference in California. […]

Nuke Plant in Iran Pulls Fuel for Safety Concerns

Technicians in Iran’s nuclear program now have to unload fuel from the country’s first atomic power plant because of an unspecified safety concern, a senior government official said. The vague explanation raised questions about whether Stuxnet caused more damage at the Bushehr plant than previously acknowledged. Other explanations are possible for unloading the fuel rods […]

New Technologies; Security Playing Catch Up

Technology is evolving at break neck speed and that is creating a security nightmare for IT departments across the globe, according to a new study. Just look at where mobile technology, social media and cloud computing stand today compared to even one year ago. That is why there is an increasing pressure to provide even […]

Invensys Inks China Safety, Control System Pact

Invensys Operations Management signed a third project-based agreement with China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. LTD (CNPE) to provide safety and distributed control systems and solutions for Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, units 3 and 4, two 1,000MW nuclear power units under construction in Fujian province in southeast China. Under the terms of the contract, Invensys […]

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