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Smartphone Users: Malicious Apps Abound

There is a malicious mobile application that requires a phone user to grant no permissions during installation, but could give remote attackers the ability to install and execute malicious code on mobile devices running the Android operating system. The “No-permission Android App Remote Shell” does not take advantage of a security hole in Google’s Android. […]

Security Tip: Scrap Java

After installing operating systems, most individuals rush to install applications that help them browse the web. While quite a few users believe components such as Flash and Java are the only apps that allow access to certain content. With Flash and Java falling victim more frequently to forms of cyber attacks, there are safer, more […]

Safety Report: Pipe Maker Fined

Piping Technology and Products Inc. is facing over $1 million in fines for 13 willful and 17 serious violations for exposing workers to the risk of amputations and other serious injuries from dangerous machinery, as well as other hazards, at the company’s Houston facility, said Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials. “Repeatedly ignoring the […]

Greeting Card App Steals Data

Nothing says Happy Holidays more than a data stealing, malware laden text message app. These Trojans have become popular this holiday season as people send out text messages instead of mailing greeting cards. There are mobile apps that let you send prewritten witty/sweet messages to friends and family. RELATED STORIES Phishing Subsets: Vishing, Smishing Phishing […]

Hash Flaw Allows DoS Attacks

A common flaw in the implementation of the most popular web programming languages and applications can force servers to use their CPU at full capacity for several minutes, causing a denial-of-service (DoS) condition. The way most popular programming languages such as PHP, Java, Apache Tomcat, ASP.NET, Phyton, Plone, Ruby and V8, use hash tables make […]

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