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Grant to Study Fate of Gulf Spill

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill seems to be spawning a new industry which entails studying how the economy and the ecology ended up affected as a result of the disaster. One new $2.8 million grant ended up awarded to Florida State University (FSU) to expand understanding of how the disaster affected the ecology of […]

Windows Defender Bypass

There is a vulnerability that allows any known malware to bypass Windows Defender and possibly other antiviruses. “Imagine a situation where you double-click a file and Windows loads that file, but your Antivirus scans another file or even scans nothing at all,” said Kasif Dekel, a researcher at CyberArk Labs. “Sounds weird, right? Depends on […]

Apple Silently Patches OS Hole

Apple silently patched a macOS vulnerability that can end up exploited to bypass security features and execute arbitrary JavaScript code without restrictions. The issue, discovered by Filippo Cavallarin of Italian security firm Segment, has been described as a local JavaScript quarantine bypass flaw and it has been assigned a risk rating of 3/5. RELATED STORIES […]

Corporations Unprepared for Emergencies

Even with growing awareness around risks in the workplace, companies remain unprepared when it comes to emergencies, a new survey found. Corporate safety and security, employee safety, physical plant security, IT security and business continuity, managers identified factors driving corporate safety and security decision making, according to the report entitled “Trends in Corporate Security” by […]

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