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Let it RAIN with System ‘Instant Replay’

Until now, assessing the extent and impact of network or computer system attacks has been largely a time-consuming manual process. That may change as a new software system in development by cybersecurity researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology will largely automate that process, allowing investigators to quickly and accurately pinpoint how intruders entered the […]

Learning to Protect Against ‘Combosquatting’

It has been ingrained in computer users’ brain to constantly double-check website URLs before clicking on a link. But smart and wily attackers know that and are taking advantage of that practice to trick users into visiting website domains that contain familiar trademarks — but with additional words that change the destination to an attack […]

Apache OpenOffice Holes Patched

Patches are available to mitigate three vulnerabilities in Apache OpenOffice that can end up leveraged by attackers for remote code execution, researchers said. Open source software’s developers have assigned the vulnerabilities with a severity rating of “medium.” However, researchers at Cisco Talos, who found the vulnerabilities, classified the flaws as “high severity” with a CVSS […]

Firefox to Block Browser Fingerprinting

After January, Firefox users will be able to refuse websites’ requests that can lead to browser fingerprinting. Browser fingerprinting is an alternative website analytics experts use to cookies as a way to identify users and track their online behavior. RELATED STORIES Chrome Extension can ‘Catch All’ Curbing Extended Browser Functionality Mac Backdoor Released by Media […]

Chrome Extension can ‘Catch All’

There is a new Google Chrome extension available that has the potential to be very harmful, a researcher said. Called “catch-all,” SANS ISC incident handler Renato Marinho found the extension going out to potential victims via a phishing email with links to photos supposedly sent through WhatsApp. Instead of the photos, however, the victims would […]

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