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Swarming Molecular Robots

DNA-assisted molecular robots are in development that autonomously swarm in response to chemical and physical signals could pave the way for future nano-machines. The world’s smallest “swarm robot” measures 25 nanometers in diameter and 5 micrometers in length, and exhibits swarming behavior resembling motile organisms such as fish, ants and birds. RELATED STORIES Energy Generation […]

Emerson’s SIL-Rated Vortex Flow Meters

Emerson earned SIL 2/3 functional safety certification for its Rosemount 8800 Vortex Flow Meters, per IEC 61508, which can help mitigate risk, enhance plant safety, and protect personnel. The non-clog Rosemount 8800 Vortex portfolio offers features such as online removable sensors to reduce process downtime and a critical process valve for aggressive applications which increases […]

Schneider, Cylance Ink Protection Pact

Schneider Electric unveiled a partnership agreement with cybersecurity provider Cylance. Schneider Electric Software will work closely with Cylance to enable heightened levels of security for users leveraging an industrial software platform for engineering, planning and operations, asset performance and monitoring and control across their industrial and infrastructure operations. RELATED STORIES Claroty Gains RSA Certification Leidos […]

Energy Generation Using Safer Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion for the controlled and regular generation of electric power by converting hydrogen into helium and reproducing on a small scale what actually happens in our sun is one of the top technological promises for the future. Designed to reach parameters beyond the ones previously obtained in laboratory experiments, the reactor prototype called ITER […]

Malwarebytes Fixes Bad Update

A Malwarebytes update is now up and running that rectifies a bad release that caused the main process of the security product to slog down computers to the point where they almost came to a halt. After learning of the original bad update, company officials quickly responded by releasing a fix to address the bug. […]

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