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A boiler exploded in a soon-to-be-closed furniture factory in Graham County, NC, Monday leaving three workers injured.

Mission Hospital officials said one of the injured, Robert Anderson, ended up treated and released Monday afternoon. Officials said all three employees suffered burns from steam from the explosion at the Stanley furniture plant.

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The injuries apparently happened near a wood-fired boiler that heated water for plant processes.

“We had gotten grants through the county to help them get a new boiler that would burn the wood, and save them on fuel, they got a great deal, great amount of money they would save on fuel if they got that boiler to do that,” said Raymond Williams, who added news the plant would shut down July 15 was tough for the workers’ families in Graham County.

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Anderson was one of the injured and Steve Monroe is the name of another injured employee. The name of the third injured worker was not immediately available. The conditions of Monroe and the other worker were not immediately available.

The incident occurred when boiler exploded, or flashed over, possibly inflicting steam burns on those workers, officials said.

The plant operated in the county for decades, and was set to close permanently just one day after the incident.

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