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Three Estonian nationals that are suspects in the DNSChanger cybercriminal operation will undergo extradition to the United States.

Estonia’s Justice Minister approved the extradition of the three suspects, Timur Gerassimenko, Dmitri Jegorov and Konstantin Poltev, according to a report with The Associated Press.

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In the U.S., the three will faces charges of running a massive operation in which 4 million computers from all over the world suffered infection from the DNSChanger malware. Law enforcement officials said they have made over $14 million in the operation.

Gerassimenko, Jegorov and Poltev are among the six Estonians charged in the U.S. Another suspect, Anton Ivanov, already went through the extradition process. In addition, Valeri Aleksejev, 32, pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him earlier this year.

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Authorities dismantled the operation back in November 2011. However, it took several months to clean up most of the infected computers.

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