Nine small businesses picked up $10 million for ten Phase II contracts through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) DHS Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Each Phase II award contract received up to $1 million to develop a prototype based on the feasibility of the technologies demonstrated in their Phase I efforts, which were completed in November 2018.

Grant for Biological Threat Detection Technology
2-year Contract for Integrated Sensor System
Cybersecurity Key to New Energy Manufacturing Institute
Critical Infrastructure Protection Platform Expands

“Small businesses performing under the DHS SBIR program continue to provide impactful technology solutions for homeland security and the general public,” said William N. Bryan, senior official performing the duties of the under secretary for science and technology. “We look forward to seeing how these innovative small businesses advance their latest solutions.”

Phase II contracts ended up awarded under seven topic areas in the FY18 SBIR Solicitation issued in December 2017, with Phase II proposals submitted in November 2018.

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• H-SB018.1-001, Development of a Wearable Fentanyl Analog Sensor
– Nano Terra, Inc (Cambridge, MA)
– Vaporsens (Salt Lake City, UT)
• H-SB018.1-002, Cell Phone Location Finder for Maritime and Remote Search and Rescue
– Physical Optics Corporation (Torrance, CA)
• H-SB018.1-003, Device to Detect Interference of Communications Systems
– Intellisense Systems Inc. (Torrance, CA)
• H-SB018.1-004, Deterministic Augmentation of RF Transmissions for PNT
– Setter Research, Inc. (Greensboro, NC)
• H-SB018.1-005, LMR-P25 and LTE Mission Critical Push to Talk Interface Service
– Catalyst Communications Technologies Inc. (Forest, VA)
• H-SB018.1-006, Improved Human Systems for Computed Tomography
– IDSS Holdings Inc (Armonk, NY)
– Next Century Corporation (Columbia, MD)
• H-SB018.1-008, Automated & Scalable Analysis of Mobile & IoT Device Firmware
– Kryptowire, LLC (Fairfax, VA)
– Red Balloon Security, Inc. (New York, NY)

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