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A new oxygen and combustibles analyzer released from ABB’s Measurement & Analytics unit measures the efficiency of fossil-fired boilers and process heaters used in power generation, incineration, petrochemical, and iron and steel production.

Replacing ABB’s SMA90 system, the new Endura AZ40 analyzer simplifies accurately fine-tuning combustion processes. The result is greater efficiency, lower fuel costs, and reduced NOx pollution.

For optimum combustion, excess air must be present to burn all the fuel. But too much oxygen reduces efficiency and/or increases NOx production. Unburned fuel represents wasted energy and poses a safety risk.

The correct level of excess air depends on a variety of factors, including variations atmospheric pressure and humidity, the fuel’s heating value, and the performance of the boiler plant. Measuring oxygen alone does not provide an accurate picture of combustion efficiency.

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Using two sensors, the Endura AZ40 analyzer continuously monitors combustion waste gases to measure excess air and unburned fuel. The analyzer provides an unburned fuel measurement in terms of carbon monoxide equivalent (COe). The COe reading supplements the net oxygen measurement to permit further trimming of combustion efficiency.

The analyzer consists of a sensor assembly, probe with filter assembly, transmitter, and interconnecting cable. The sensor assembly mounts to a duct or process wall, with the probe extending into the flue gas stream. Available in lengths up to 8+ feet (2.5 meters) and suitable for temperatures to 3,000°F (1650°C), the probe continuously draws in the sample for analysis. Automatic sensor calibration uses test gases of known concentrations to calibrate both sensors and ensure continuous accuracy.

A variety of built-in features minimizes maintenance and provides operator convenience. For example, high efficiency filters and optional blowback prevent clogging of the Endura AZ40 probe head filter. A heated manifold avoids acid corrosion of the sensor assembly. Advanced diagnostic and verification functions ensure proper analyzer operation through regular self-checks on critical variables. The analyzer’s HMI shares the same look and feel as ABB’s other instrumentation. Users can quickly and easily access, program, and adjust settings and operational data from one screen.

The Endura AZ40 analyzer is fully backwards-compatible and can end up retrofitted in the field to ABB’s previous generation of SMA 90 combustibles analyzers.

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