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ABB will provide integrated solutions at SCA Östrand’s expanded pulp mill in Timrå, Sweden using its System 800xA and custom-engineered software for pulp processes.

The solution includes engineering for the control system and optimization of all processes at SCA Östrand’s expanded pulp mill in Timrå, Sweden opening in June 2018, as well as the design of the control room.

Traditionally, in a pulp mill, different operations such as woodyard, digester, recovery boiler among others ends up controlled from separate control rooms. By integrating the management and control systems of the entire production process of the mill into a single control room, the efficiency and productivity of all processes should increase. The fully integrated control system will provide connectivity and full plant overview of the whole process and all devices.

The control center will apply the latest advances in ergonomics, design and layout to ensure the operator environment is attractive, efficient and conducive to cooperation between all employees at the mill.

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To this end, all operators will monitor and control the entire mill from eight Extended Operator Workplaces, fully integrated operator solutions that provide process control, access to the right information and opportunities for personal intelligent ergonomics, in a single solution.

This type of environment aims to create proactive control centers that will also attract a new generation of operators to the pulp and paper industry.

The order also includes a simulator for testing the control of all processes in the mill before delivery, and for operator training and process optimization over time. To ensure the commissioning of the entire plant is as smooth as possible, five simulators will end up used at the same time before and during start up.

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