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ABB released the latest version of its Knowledge Manager software, which has helped mining and cement users around the world improve the performance of their operations and equipment and the safety of their on-site personnel.

The latest version, ABB Ability Knowledge Manager 9.0, incorporates digital capabilities and technology to provide mining and cement industry customers with the ability to view, analyze, and act upon critical process data from any mobile device.

Now integrated with the ABB Ability System 800xA process control system and its Minerals Library, the latest version of Knowledge Manager includes an easy-to-use mobile interface so operators can access and act upon process performance information at any time from any location.

It also includes simplified functions to create, view, and share reports, charts, and production trend analysis, and improvements to navigation and information storage.

Cyber Security

First released in 1996, Knowledge Manager enables performance monitoring, downtime management and maintenance support, as well as providing statistical production analysis tools. It provides solutions and advanced tools to facilitate the collection, consolidation and distribution of production, quality and energy information via the plant’s web-based reports, trends, and graphs.

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