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ABB will team with valve maker Dresser Masoneilan on an integrated process to monitor, test and manage emergency shutdown valves (ESDV) during all operational conditions, from normal plant operations to abnormal situations.
The combined offering should leverage ABB’s 800xA High Integrity SIS (Safety Instrumented System) and Masoneilan’s SVI II ESD (emergency shutdown device) and PST Controller to hike overall plant safety and increase the availability of ESDV’s for optimal response of the isolation valve in emergency situations.
The integration also simplifies safety compliance by automatically recording partial stroke test results and emergency shutdown events, saving time and money while increasing efficiency.
“This immediate readiness is vital to the protection of the process, the environment, and the surrounding community in the event of an abnormal situation,” said Kristian Olsson, manager of ABB’s Safety Center of Excellence.
As an integrated object within System 800xA, Masoneilan’s SVI II ESD device can perform scheduled partial valve stroke tests while remotely monitoring and maintaining the emergency shutdown valves during normal plant operations. This minimizes the need for outages and downtime to evaluate the health and readiness of these critical process elements. This also provides easy to understand alerts and recommendations regarding valve status, as well as required partial stroke test and emergency shutdown signatures and documentation.
“While open standards offer great benefit for end users, it is the collaboration between automation vendors that provides for an “out-of-the-box” solution capable of generating instant results,” said Sandro Esposito, global marketing manager digital products for Dresser Masoneilan.
The SVI II ESD is the latest technology in emergency shutdown valve automation and in-service valve partial stroke testing. The SVI II ESD is SIL3-certified ESD certified at 4mA with stainless steel housing. A user can implement the device by using a 4/20mA signal (analog safety demand), 0-24Vdc (discrete safety demand) or a combination of both. Standard on the device are an LCD display and explosion-proof external pushbuttons. This design architecture offers a sophisticated platform while being Type A (simplex device) compliant. System 800xA High Integrity is ABB’s next generation safety system. It is SIL 3 rated SIS.

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