By Gregory Hale
Big automation providers have the wherewithal to test and provide security in their products from the get go, but the smaller players can’t necessarily match them and ensure a secure product throughout its lifecycle.

That is why Wurldtech Security Technologies released its Achilles Test Software, the software version of its Achilles Test Platform.

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A quick glance at the headlines shows the industry continues to suffer significant attacks. Those attacks are not going away as industrial control systems continuing evolving with its open, inter-connected networks. The information gleaned from these systems enables manufacturers to maximize all resources, the open Internet facing aspect creates security challenges.

“This software focuses on making tests more accessible for manufacturers that don’t have the security teams that do all the testing,” said Nate Kube, chief technology officer and co-founder of Wurldtech.

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Often times, with the bigger providers, testing is done in one central location. After the provider develops the product, they take it in and test it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

With this software they would be able to test the product as they are developing it. “It would be nice to find problems earlier,” Kube said. “Costs would be lower to get the results earlier in the test cycle.”

“Our goal is to provide a complete cyber security solution supporting the entire product lifecycle, from development to commissioning, implementation and operation of critical infrastructure, ensuring the delivery of secure products, increased ROI and protection of brand equity for both the device manufacturer and their customers,” Kube said.

Achilles Test Software is for development teams to test critical software early in the development cycle, before they enter the QA lab. It allows the team to correct vulnerabilities and validate system resiliency in a real-time environment, before the products release.

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