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A hazardous materials leak injured one worker and forced the decontamination of two dozen others at a manufacturing facility Thursday morning in Harrisburg, NC.

The Harrisburg Fire Department and firefighters from Charlotte got the call at 9 a.m. to Galvan Industries, Inc. on Galvan Way, just off University City Boulevard.

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There was a “low-level acid” that leaked at Galvan Industries Inc. in Harrisburg, fire officials said. Galvin is a supplier of hot dip galvanizing to businesses and industries.

One worker who suffered exposure to the acid is being treated on scene “as a precaution.”

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There was no threat to the public, and firefighters were able to contain the leak.

In addition to the one injured worker, more than two dozen employees had to be decontaminated, fire officials said.

Paramedics took one person to the hospital but said that injury was not related to the spill.

The leaked appeared to be caused by a broken pipe, fire officials said.

“This was a liquid product,” said Tony Bateman, with Medic, a 911 emergency medical service. “The danger would be contamination to the skin. Fortunately, no workers were contaminated. The only issue was the ongoing medical issue with that one employee.”

Department of Environmental Quality, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, will be investigating the incident.

Bateman, a Charlotte EMT, warned the chemical that leaked is dangerous to touch or inhale. “Well, the acid is a corrosive,” Bateman said.

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