An acid spill ended up contained at an Oxnard garbage and recycling site Thursday morning that forced 250 people to evacuate the facility, officials said.

The incident was reported just before 11 a.m. at the Del Norte Regional Recycling & Transfer Station at 111 South Del Norte Blvd., officials said.

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Oxnard and Ventura County fire crews responded to the incident. City officials who handle hazardous-material incidents also got the call to investigate.

Swimming pool chemicals had been spilled in the main area where trucks unload their waste, said Todd Vazquez-Housley, manager for Oxnard’s Environmental Resources Division.

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Ventura County Fire Department spokesman Capt. Brian McGrath said about a gallon of the substance had spilled from one of eight containers.

The spill forced as many as 250 people to evacuate the recycling center, including 172 employees.

McGrath said one person was assessed, treated and released at the scene. Cleanup was completed by 1:11 p.m.

Investigators would be looking over surveillance video to find the source of the chemicals, Vazquez-Housley said.

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