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Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station Unit 2 reactor is back online, company officials said.

“The unit is being returned to service,” company spokesperson April Schilpp said. The reactor was operating at 3 percent power.

Schilpp added Unit 2’s main turbine was still “completely offline” and they have not connected the unit to the electrical grid.

The Sunday morning unplanned shutdown came as a result of a fault in an actuator on the main turbine’s control valve, Schilpp said. Repair crews are in the process of “completely rebuilding” the actuator.

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Schilpp said the turbine is “related to the electrical side” of the power plant and the type of repairs underway are typical for “any industrial power plant, regardless of the kind of generation.”

“Most of our plants operate 100 percent of the time, so there’s more wear and tear,” Schilpp said.

A “second shutdown” at the plant occurred less than 36 hours later and were part of the troubleshooting and repair process, Schilpp said.

Schilpp could not say when repairs would wrap up or when Unit 2 would reconnect to the grid.

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