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Even though Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA, will be closing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will continue its plan of additional inspections at the facility.

The first in a series of additional inspections started last week at the Entergy-owned power plant, NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said in a blog post.

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The extra inspections stem from the NRC’s decision in September to downgrade the plant’s safety status to the NRC’s lowest ranking. Pilgrim now ranks at the bottom of the performance list among the nation’s commercial nuclear reactors, a distinction it shares with a pair of Entergy-owned reactors in Arkansas.

The inspection, Sheehan said, involved “a review of various aspects of the plant’s corrective action program, with a specific focus on older items that were in need of attention. A plant’s corrective action program serves the vital purpose of ensuring problems are addressed in a timely manner.”

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The next phase will take place in April, Sheehan said. The third and final phase will take place later in the year and the details of that inspection will end up based on the findings from the first two reviews.

In October, officials at Pilgrim, which has supplied power to more than a half-million homes and businesses for just over 40 years, said the facility will close no later than June 2019.

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