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Adobe cleared 11 vulnerabilities across various product lines, officials said.

While there are vulnerabilities, Adobe said it is not aware of any attacks leveraging the issues. The vulnerabilities effect Adobe’s Animate, Illustrator, Media Encoder and Bridge products.

Media Encoder for Windows and macOS fixes a critical out-of-bounds write flaw an attacker could execute arbitrary code. It also had four important-severity out-of-bounds read bugs that can lead to information disclosure.

Illustrator CC 2019 for Windows and macOS fixes two critical memory corruption vulnerabilities an attacker could jump on to execute remote code in the context of the current user. It also fixes an important-severity DLL hijacking flaw that can lead to privilege escalation.

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For Bridge CC, Adobe fixed two important-severity memory corruption bugs an attacker could use to gain information disclosure.

Animate CC 2019 fixed a DLL hijacking issue that can lead to privilege escalation.

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