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Adobe released a critical security update for Flash Player that fixes 12 security vulnerabilities, but pushed back its planned patches for Reader and Acrobat by a week.

The Flash Player updates, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, takes care of nine vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution and three that can allow attackers to bypass security features, including memory address randomization and the same-origin policy.

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Windows and Mac users should update to Flash Player and Linux users to Flash Player, Adobe said in its security advisory. Users of the Flash Player Extended Support release should update to version, the company said.

The Flash Player versions bundled with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11 will update automatically through the update mechanisms of those browsers.

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The company also released new versions of Adobe AIR for Windows and Android, because the runtime also includes Flash Player. The patched Adobe AIR version for Windows is and for Android

Adobe also planned to release security updates Tuesday for Reader and Acrobat as part of its patch cycle, which aligns with Microsoft’s. However, the company rescheduled those updates for next week in order “to address issues identified during routine regression testing.”

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