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Once again, Adobe will release security updates to patch vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader.

Security updates will go out March 8, for the Windows and Mac versions of Reader and Acrobat. The patches will address critical vulnerabilities that have a priority rating or “2,” which indicates while the flaws are serious, they are currently not undergoing exploitation and it’s unlikely they will end up abused.

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Adobe’s prenotification advisory said the product versions affected are Acrobat and Reader DC 15.010.20059 (Continuous), Acrobat and Reader DC 15.006.30119 (Classic), and Acrobat and Reader XI 11.0.14 and earlier versions (Desktop).

In January, Adobe released Acrobat and Reader updates to patch 17 vulnerabilities, including use-after-free, double-free and other memory corruption vulnerabilities that can be exploited for arbitrary code execution.

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Users should update their installations as soon as the patches become available.

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