Hacktivist groups just launched OpIsrael and now it seems they are planning a program called OpUSA, which will officially kick off May 7, researchers said.

The goal of this program is to go against U.S. websites, especially ones belonging to organizations with ties to the government.

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The hacktivist group called AnonGhost already hacked eight websites in preparation for the operation.

Security firm, IllSecure, reports the following websites suffered from the early attack: American Small Business Alliance, Legacy Group USA, PreLabs, Mississippi Occupational Therapy Association, USA 47th Infantry Regiment 9th Infantry Division, USA Winston County Probate Judge, USA Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office and USA Marengo County Probate Judge.

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“The USA government is equal to the Israeli government. #Op USA is initiated after #OpIsrael was a success in the eyes of the people that participated in the attack. Operation United States of America stands for the fallen people in Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan and for the people that died because of an drone attack,” hackers wrote on some of the defaced sites.

On other affected websites, the hacktivists wrote a message to the citizens of the United States of America.

“It’s time for you to wake up America. You have been sleeping for far too long. You feel it prickling under your skin, you sense it deep in your gut. Change is coming, whether you like it or not,” the hackers said.

“So, either you stand up to the corruption that is your government, or you continue to live as hollow robotic shells, doing the same things day in and day out, expecting different results.”

Several hacker groups have announced their participation in OpUSA. They include AnonGhost, The Hackers Army, Mauritania Hacker Team, Moroccan Hackers, Ajax Team, the Muslim Liberation Army, Zcompany Hacking Crew and the Khorasan Hackers Army Team.

Currently, some of the websites are back up and running, but some of them remain offline.

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