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Aircraft engine and parts manufacturer, Beacon Industries Inc., is facing $71,100 in fines for 18 serious violations of workplace safety standards at its Newington, CT, facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA inspectors reviewed the facility Oct. 21, in response to a complaint against the Bloomfield, CT-based company.

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As a result of that investigation, OSHA found plant employees exposed to potential lacerations, crushing injuries, amputation, electrocution and ventilation hazards.

“Our inspection identified a sizable number of violations of workplace safety standards that should not have existed in the first place. Beacon Industries needs to promptly and effectively address these conditions and show us what steps it will take to prevent them from occurring again,” said Warren Simpson, OSHA’s area director in Hartford.

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Specific hazards included inadequate training and lack of protective equipment for employees required to perform live troubleshooting on electrical equipment; missing or inadequate safeguards to prevent employees from coming into contact with the operating parts of machines; failure to conduct required inspections and provide safeguarding for a mechanical power press; absent or inadequate procedures to prevent the unintended startup of machinery during servicing; lack of inspections to ensure adequate airflow in a ventilation system; a padlocked exit door; and incorrect lifting capacity labels for forktrucks.

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