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Arkal Automotive USA Inc. is facing $47,857 in fines for exposing workers to electrical and amputation hazards, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Auburn, Alabama-based Arkal Automotive is an auto parts manufacturer.

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The company faces six serious violations.

Investigators responded to a complaint that employees were not properly protected while entering injection molding machines.

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OSHA investigators cited the employer for inadequate machine guarding; failing to implement lockout/tagout procedures during machine maintenance and servicing; failing to implement safety procedures for entering a robotic cage; and exposing employees to hazardous energy. 

“Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe injuries when they are not properly guarded and safety procedures are absent,” said OSHA Mobile Area Office Director Joseph Roesler. “Arkal Automotive USA Inc. failed to identify and correct hazards to ensure the safety and health of their employees.”

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