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A chemical fire at a metal plating business forced eight people to go to the hospital in Huntsville, AL.

In an effort to ensure the fumes from the fire were not a danger to the area, Huntsville Fire Department crews stayed hours after the fire ended up extinguished.

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Six firefighters and two workers ended up taken to the hospital with injuries where some ended up quickly treated and released.

There was no threat to people’s health in the area.

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The fire department was being extremely cautious, because the business uses a slew of different chemicals.

The fire department said a soap type mixture, which has several different chemicals in it, caught fire.

A hazardous materials team came in to tackle the aftermath of the fire.

The team said it’s not uncommon for a combination of chemicals like this to catch fire.

“Anything exposed to fire can burn, or even if it doesn’t burn, once heated, it will release a gas. So, either way the off gas, or what would have been in the smoke would have been what we would have been concerned with,” said Wesley Ogle of the Huntsville Fire Department.

Fire crews were monitoring the air in the surrounding area for dangerous fumes.

They said they don’t believe any harmful fumes got close to people in the area.

The firefighters and workers taken to the hospital was just a precaution, because they didn’t know if the fumes contained other dangerous chemicals found in the building.

Firefighters started an investigation to figure out the exact cause of the fire.

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