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A confirmatory order ended up issued to Southern Nuclear Operating Co.’s Farley nuclear power plant near Columbia, AL.

The order issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is the result of an agreement reached during an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediation session completed Sept. 22, involving the handling of safeguards documents containing restricted plant security information.

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Southern Nuclear officials chose to participate in the agency’s alternative dispute resolution program to resolve the enforcement issues.

The NRC ADR process is facilitated by a neutral third party with no decision-making authority, who assists the NRC and the company in reaching an agreement.

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The ADR session resulted in two agreements: Deliberate misconduct of a former employee represented a violation of NRC requirements, and corrective actions to preclude recurrence of the violation.

The actions outlined in the confirmatory order apply to the Farley site as well as all other Southern Nuclear sites.

The NRC will not issue violations or civil penalties because of the corrective actions and improvements contained in the confirmatory order. Southern Nuclear is required to provide the NRC with a letter discussing its basis for concluding the terms of the order have been satisfied.

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