An ammonia leak prompted firefighters in Moore, OK, early Monday to declare a code red alert.

No one was injured when the leak was detected at the old Vaughan Foods building near NE 12 and Eastern Avenue. A security guard detected the leak and notified firefighters who quickly closed the leaking line near the future site of the Del Real Foods plant.

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There were no workers at the former Vaughan Foods plant at the time.

“It’s an inhalation hazard. That’s why we were warning people to stay in base. You could go out and get to work and leave. Just don’t get out and stand around,” said Moore Fire Chief Gary Bird.

Schneider Bold

He said the morning’s humidity and low winds kept the ammonia low to the ground, adding to the danger.

Residents in the area were told to stay inside and turn off their heat and air. Officials said they can leave the area, but not stay outside due to inhalation hazard.

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