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Android’s May security patch fixes 22 vulnerabilities across various components, Google officials said.

The May 2018 Android Security Patch, which released Monday, takes care of seven security vulnerabilities across various components in the 2018-05-01 security patch level and 15 security vulnerabilities in 2018-05-05 security patch level.

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In addition to the Android Security Bulletin for May 2018, Google also published the May 2018 Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin with details on bug fixes and improvements specific to Pixel and Nexus devices the search giant still supports with security updates. In that release, there are 34 security vulnerabilities.

Affected components include the Android runtime, framework, media framework, system, Linux kernel (USB driver, Block driver, network namespace, and memory mapping vulnerabilities), as well as Nvidia (TEE, TLK, Nvidia Tegra X1 TZ, media server, and widevine trustlet) and Qualcomm (WLAN, DCC, QTEECOM, GPU, WIGIG, camera, radio Internet packet accelerator, and more) components.

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Apart from patching various security vulnerabilities found in its Linux-based Android mobile operating systems, Google also added improvements to supported devices. For example, the company notes the fact it adjusted the behavior of the Pixel XL charging capabilities with the May 2018 Android Security Patch.

The Android Security Patch for May 2018 started rolling out to all supported Pixel and Nexus devices including the Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel XL, Pixel XL 2, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P.

As with any rollout update, it should be available to all users worldwide in the next few days.

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