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Android ransomware is getting the “new and improved” label as it is gaining new capabilities.

The year-old Android.Lockdroid.E is now asking victims to speak the code provided by the attackers to unlock the devices.

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The newly discovered Android ransomware variant comes packed with speech recognition capabilities and is now demanding victims speak the code they received, said researchers from Symantec.

Once a device suffers an infection with Android.Lockdroid.E, the user ends up locked out using a SYSTEM type window before the ransom note displays, researchers said.

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Written in Chinese, the note gives instructions on how to unlock the device. The note includes a QQ instant messaging ID to contact in order to receive more instructions on how to go about paying the ransom and getting your unlock code.

A new device must end up used to contact the attackers since the system is under lock and key. The note then instructs users to press a button to start the speech recognition functionality. The malware then uses a third-party speech recognition API to compare the spoken words with the expected password.

This new variant comes with several bugs, making it difficult to properly recognize the spoken words, the researchers said.

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