There is another vulnerability with Java SE 7 Update 15, and all earlier versions suffer from the issue, security researchers said.

Adam Gowdiak, chief executive of security firm, Security Explorations, said they uncovered two security issues.

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When combined, an attacker could use the flaws to achieve a complete bypass of the Java security sandbox.

Oracle has the details of the newly uncovered bugs, but so far, it has only confirmed receiving the information.

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“Both new issues are specific to Java SE 7 only. They allow (an attacker) to abuse the Reflection API in a particularly interesting way,” Gowdiak said.

The experts have tested their findings against the initial release of Java SE 7, Java SE 7 Update 11, and Java SE 7 Update 15, which is the version released a few days ago.

Oracle released its February Critical Patch Update (CPU) ahead of schedule. The CPU released on February 1 addressed a total of 50 Java vulnerabilities.

However, the company released an updated CPU on February 19 to fix an additional 5 security issues.

The next CPU should come out April 16, but if these news vulnerabilities suffer exploits, then Oracle may release another out-of-band patch.

In the meantime, experts keep advising users to disable Java if they don’t need it for their everyday tasks.

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