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Less than one month after a raccoon caused a power failure forcing the release of hazardous chemicals at the Delaware City Refinery, there has been another incident.

While an animal was not to blame, the latest incident took place last Thursday morning at the refinery located directly across the Delaware river from Salem City, officials said.

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The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said the refinery released 100 gallons of sulfur dioxide into the air.

On Nov. 27 a power outage at the refinery resulted in a power failure that prompted the activation of incinerator towers that lit up the sky with large flame plumes and caused rumblings heard for quite a distance.

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At the time, officials at the Delaware City Refinery reported to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control that during Sunday night’s incident 1,000 pounds of carbon monoxide, 10 pounds of toxic hydrogen cyanide, 100 pounds of hydrogen sulfide and 500 pounds of sulfur dioxide released into the air.

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