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Patches are available to mitigate three vulnerabilities in Apache OpenOffice that can end up leveraged by attackers for remote code execution, researchers said.

Open source software’s developers have assigned the vulnerabilities with a severity rating of “medium.” However, researchers at Cisco Talos, who found the vulnerabilities, classified the flaws as “high severity” with a CVSS score of 8.3.

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Tracked as CVE-2017-9806, CVE-2017-12607 and CVE-2017-12608, the security holes affect the WW8Fonts and ImportOldFormatStyles components of the Writer application, and the PPTStyleSheet functionality in the Draw application.

An attacker can create special documents that trigger an out-of-bounds write, which can be leveraged to cause the application to enter a denial-of-service (DoS) condition and crash, or execute arbitrary code.

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The vulnerabilities affect Apache OpenOffice versions 4.1.3 and prior, along with Patches are included in version 4.1.4, which the Apache Software Foundation announced earlier this month.

While there is no evidence of exploitation, Cisco Talos published detailed technical information.

“Vulnerabilities in office suite software such as word processors are very useful to attackers for client side attacks. Attackers often send malicious documents attached to emails exploiting such vulnerabilities to execute malicious commands when the victim is tricked into opening the file through some form of social engineering,” Talos researchers said in a blog post.

Snort rules 42008 – 42009, 42144 – 42145, and 42076 – 42077 will detect exploitation attempts of this vulnerability.

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