Apple released iOS 12.1.3 which updates holes in iOS 12.1.2.

That news comes in the wake of two researchers from China saying they were able to leverage vulnerabilities of iOS 12.1.2 to gain root access, something Apple has worked hard at to make extremely difficult.

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Using the Port-Oriented Programming (POP) attack, the researchers were able to pass through the latest iPhone restrictions in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

The researchers, Min Zheng and Xialong Bai, posted on Twitter they were able to obtain root access on all 2018 iPhone releases.

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In the wake of the possible jailbreak scenario, Apple has moved on and released iOS 12.1.3.

While not necessarily addressing the potential jailbreak issue, iOS 12.1.3 includes bug fixes including:
• Fixes an issue in Messages that could impact scrolling through photos in the Details view
• Addresses an issue where photos could have striped artifacts after being sent from the Share Sheet
• Fixes an issue that may cause audio distortion when using external audio input devices on iPad Pro (2018)
• Resolves an issue that could cause certain CarPlay systems to disconnect from iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max

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