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Apple released security fixes in new versions of its operating systems and software.

The iOS update also comes with USB Restricted Mode, a new security feature that will protect users’ iPhones and iPads from being accessed by law enforcement.

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Once users update to the newest version of the mobile OS, the mode will be turned on by default and should thwart currently available third-party solutions used by law enforcement agencies to access data from suspects’ locked iPhones, as access via the devices’ Lightning port will be disabled if they haven’t been unlocked for over an hour.

The mode can be turned off by users in the device Settings (Settings > Face ID & Passcode > USB Accessories).

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Updates for iTunes for Windows and iCloud for Windows fix WebKit vulnerabilities and a cookie management issue that could allow cookies to persist in Safari.

The Safari update (11.1.2) fixes all of those issues plus three other vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious websites to spoof the address bar.

The iOS security update fixes many of the same problems and some additional ones, including a bug that could lead to a denial of service if an emoji is processed under certain configuration, and a Wi-Fi bug that could allow a malicious app to break out of its sandbox.

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