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Dominion Virginia Power aborted its attempts to restart a nuclear reactor that had been out of service for two months at its power station in Surry County along the James River.

Unit 2 at Surry was shut down in mid-afternoon Monday after an apparent problem was detected in one of the unit’s cooling ducts, said Richard Zuercher, a spokesman for the Richmond-based utility.

Dominion restarted Unit 2 last week, and figures provided by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission show that the reactor made it up to 94 percent of capacity Monday before the cooling duct issue emerged.

It was not immediately certain when another attempt would be made to restart Unit 2.

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The power station’s other nuclear reactor was restarted shortly after the tornado and has been running at full power.

Dominion wanted to have Unit 2 up and running, but the state Department of Labor and Industry subsequently came in to investigate a contractor’s claim of asbestos exposure at the site.

A Dominion spokesman has said experts determined the asbestos didn’t exceed federal safety standards.

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