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An arc flash occurred when a worker was de-energizing a breaker at the Panda Power station Tuesday in south Sherman, TX, injuring the employee.

The incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. at 510 Progress Drive in Sherman, officials said.

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An employee was de-energizing on a breaker when the arc flash occurred, said Panda Energy spokesperson Bill Pentak.

“The employee was wearing his PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) gear, and he was taken to the hospital,” Pentak said. “The worker was not injured, and he has returned to the job.”

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Pentak said the employee was taken to the hospital as part of Panda Energy’s emergency protocol.

The facility, Pentak said, was already shut down for scheduled maintenance when the incident occurred.

The company is investigating why the arc flash occurred, Pentak said.

Pentak added the incident won’t delay when the plant will be back online.

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