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It wasn’t that long ago when an arc flash at the Panda Power station in south Sherman, Texas, sent one employee to the hospital.

The employee was de-energizing on a breaker in March when an arc flash occurred. The positive side of the incident was the worker was wearing personal protection equipment gear and was taken to the hospital, according to the utility. The accident was not serious and the worker did not suffer a major injury and returned to the job.

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The facility was shut down for scheduled maintenance when the incident occurred. The company is investigating why the arc flash occurred.

Whether it is the first line of defense or the last line, the correct Personal Protective Equipment is vital to ensure a strong safety environment.

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Along those lines, flame resistant clothing sees action in the petroleum, electrical, O&G Exploration and multiple other types of industries where there is a danger of a worker being injured by various thermal hazards. That is why it is all about safety because workers labor each and every day in a very dangerous environment, and that calls for as much protection as possible.

To eliminate any confusion over Flame Resistant clothing, industry expert, Derek Sang, Bulwark’s technical training manager, provided an informative webcast focusing on the selection, use, care and maintenance of Flame resistant and Arc resistant clothing. Click here to view the on demand version of the webcast.

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