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It isn’t just critical infrastructure organizations feeling the effects from a ramped up attack environment, all sectors of the manufacturing automation sector are susceptible. Just ask Arizona Beverages, which is still recovering from a ransomware attack late last month.

The attack, which appeared to leverage iEncrypt ransomware, a relative of Bitpaymer, began more than two weeks ago when a ransom note containing the company’s name and the message “Your network was hacked and encrypted” appeared on the screens of more than 200 servers and computers on the Arizona Beverages network, according to a report in TechCrunch.

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On top of that, backend servers running outdated versions of Windows stalled the company’s chances of recovering from the attack. Back-end servers were running old and outdated Windows operating systems that are no longer supported, according to the report. Most hadn’t received security patches in years.

Since the outbreak, the company has spent “hundreds of thousands” on new hardware, software and recovery costs, the report said. “Once the backups didn’t work, they started throwing money at the problem,” the report cited an unnamed source as saying.

Cyber Security

In March, the FBI reportedly alerted Arizona Beverages to what appeared to be a Dridex malware infection. Incident responders believed Arizona’s systems had been compromised for at least a couple of months, according to the report.

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