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A British national is now under arrest and awaiting possible extradition to Germany for what police said was a cyber attack on Deutsche Telekom last year, officials said.

The 29-year-old, who was subject to a European arrest warrant, ended up held Wednesday by officers from Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), German federal police and prosecutors said.

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“The Briton stands accused of attempted computer sabotage in a particularly serious case,” they said.

Around a million of Deutsche Telekom’s 20 million customers were unable to connect to its network in late November, with the company saying a hack attack targeting household routers was to blame.

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The arrest took place at London’s Luton airport at the request of German police but the suspect is also looking at possible charges “in connection to separate offences committed in the UK,” an NCA spokesperson said.

German federal prosecutors said they were now seeking the suspect’s extradition from Britain.

If found guilty of the attack in Germany, he could get up to 10 years’ jail.

German police said the goal of the Deutsche Telekom assault was to infect users’ computers with a botnet operated by the accused.

The suspect, police said, offered the botnet for sale on the deep web.

On the positive side, Deutsche Telekom was able to fend off the attack by advising customers to disconnect their routers and restart them after a software update.

The attack, however, fueled concerns in the country over cybersecurity.

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