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All but three nuclear plants were in the two highest performance categories throughout the year, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

That revelation came out as the NRC issued its annual letters to the nation’s 99 commercial nuclear power plants operating in 2017 regarding their operational performance throughout the year.

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Of the 96 highest-performing reactors, 83 met all safety and security performance objectives, and were inspected by the NRC using the standard “baseline” inspection program.

The NRC determined 13 reactors needed resolution of one or two items of low safety significance.

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For this performance level, regulatory oversight includes additional inspections and follow-up of corrective actions. Plants in this level are: Browns Ferry 1, 2 and 3 (Alabama); Catawba 2 (South Carolina); Clinton (Illinois); Columbia (Washington state); Diablo Canyon 2 (California); Fermi 2 (Michigan); Grand Gulf (Mississippi); Perry (Ohio); Sequoyah 1 and 2 (Tennessee); and Wolf Creek (Kansas).

Diablo Canyon 2 and Fermi 2 resolved their findings since the reporting period ended and have transitioned to the highest performing level.

There were no reactors in the third performance category with a degraded level of performance.

The NRC noted there were three reactors in the fourth performance category.

Arkansas Nuclear One 1 and 2 require increased oversight because of two safety findings of substantial significance. Pilgrim (Massachusetts) is in the fourth performance category because of long-standing issues of low-to-moderate safety significance. Additional inspections will be conducted to confirm the performance issues are being addressed.

Later this spring and summer, the NRC will host a public meeting or other event near each plant to discuss the details of the annual assessments. A separate announcement will be issued for each public assessment meeting. In addition to the annual assessment letters, plants also receive an NRC inspection plan for the coming year.

The NRC routinely updates information on each plant’s current performance and posts the latest information as it becomes available.

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