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Cyber attacks launched by North Korea against South Korea have cost the country $805 million.

While North Korea has never admitted it, South Korea said its neighbor has launched thousands of cyber attacks against the country’s systems over the past years.

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According to South Korean ruling party MP Chung Hee-Soo, the financial losses caused by North Korea’s cyber attacks are as high as $805 million.

The cyber attacks include virus-laden emails, malware deployments and website hacks.

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Chung said North Korea launched 6,392 attacks against South Korea’s military since 2010. But military strikes are not the only area hit by the attacks as media websites, government agencies, broadcasters and banks have also been a target.

The Seoul lawmakers also said South Korea’s cyber capabilities are incomparable to the ones of North Korea, which appears to be running a 3,000-strong cyber war unit.

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