A teenager who always wanted to work for Apple went an entirely different route and decided to hack into the computer giant’s systems, police said.

The Children’s Court in Victoria Australia was told by police the teenager broke into Apple’s mainframe from his home in the suburbs of Melbourne and downloaded 90GB of secure files, reported Australian publication, The Age.

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The 16-year-old male accessed the system multiple times over a year as he was a fan of Apple and had “dreamed of” working for the company, as the newspaper quoted the suspect’s lawyer.

Apple said in a statement its teams “discovered the unauthorized access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement.”

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Apple said it wanted “to assure our customers that at no point during this incident was their personal data compromised.”

An international investigation was launched after the discovery involving the FBI and the Australian Federal Police, The Age reported.

Police raided the boy’s home last year and found hacking files and instructions saved in a folder, according to the newspaper report.

“Two Apple laptops were seized and the serial numbers matched the serial numbers of the devices which accessed the internal systems,” said a prosecutor in the report.

A mobile phone and hard drive were also seized whose IP address matched those detected in the breaches, he added.

The teen has pleaded guilty and the case is due to return to court for sentencing next month.

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