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A worker suffered serious burns at Isola Group, an electronics parts manufacturer in Chandler, AZ, as a solvent he was working with caught fire, a fire official said Thursday.

Crews from Chandler, Phoenix and Tempe responded to the call to Isola, at 165 S. Price Road near Loop 101 and Frye Road.

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The employee was offloading tolulene, used in the plant’s manufacturing processes, from a 55-gallon drum when the solvent caught fire, a fire official said.

The fire was in a concrete room where no other combustibles ended up located. Cleanup and decontamination crews are on the scene.

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The fire was out within a few minutes because the building had an alarm and an extinguishing system, according to the Chandler Fire Department spokesman.

Employees evacuated the plant, and a hazardous-materials team got the call to monitor the facility for hazardous gases, the fire spokesman said.

The worker ended up rushed to the Maricopa Medical Center burn unit in Phoenix for treatment.

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